What is a Community Foundation?


Hello everyone, my name is Emily Rangel, and I am a student at California State University Monterey Bay CSUMB. I am currently going into my senior year and working as an NPC intern through my field training program in Collaborative Human and Health Services.

Recently, Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) asked current and past Board Members and community members to describe the foundation in one word.  “Wondering what is a community foundation is? There are nearly 800 community foundations nationwide working to strengthen their communities.” Here is a video of friends describing the Community Foundation for Monterey County #CommunityFNDWeek

For a community, a community foundation is many things but in summary, it is a trusted partner. While watching this video, I was able to vividly see what the community foundation meant to its partners; many times one word was not enough to describe the actions of foundations and their support within the community.


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