The Corporate Rebels Handbook Series: “Purpose and Values”

Written by Pim de Morree February 04, 2023 
Is this the way your nonprofit is organized? What do purpose and values mean to you?
“Every company (and nonprofit) needs a purpose, and every company (and nonprofit) needs explicit values to use as the foundation on which to operate. Without these two components, you’re either going to lose yourself and chase all different directions, lose control of your company culture, or both. (Actually, it will be both, eventually. Bet on it.)

This post is part of an ongoing series that gives you an insider’s look at the Corporate Rebels company handbook. If you’re new to this series, we suggest that reading the quick intro post explains why we’re doing this—and what to expect. In today’s post: our purpose and values.

Our Purpose: “Work can be a place for passion, growth, and meaning. A place where you can develop your skills and talents and contribute to something you truly believe in.”

Our Values guide how we do things… they support us in making decisions. They help us to avoid an abundance of rules and policies. They guide how we organize our company. We trust each other. We honor our commitments. We take initiative.” Read More.

This is a part o what you can expect to see as we go through this Corporate Rebel’s handbook series:

  • Purpose & values
  • What to expect and what not to expect when working at Corporate Rebels
  • Work when and where you want
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Decision-making
  • Conflict resolution
  • Radical transparency
  • Operating rhythm
  • Rebel Day (our monthly team meeting)
  • Goal setting
  • Celebrating success… and acknowledging fuckups
  • Compensation



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