A Beginner’s Guide to Lobbying for Nonprofits A Beginner’s Guide to Lobbying for Nonprofits

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Learn how to advocate for your cause – four steps you can take to promote your mission!  Article by Pat Libby for Blue Avocado on October 31, 2022

Article In Brief:

  • The Problem: Nonprofits are not advocating for the issues that concern their mission and are therefore missing out on an opportunity to have a bigger impact.
  • The Context: Nonprofits steer clear of lobbying for many reasons having to do with knowledge, experience, and stigma. For example, many nonprofit leaders don’t know that lobbying is 100% legal for nonprofits.
  • The Solution: The author presents four steps nonprofits can take now to get smarter about lobbying: accept the importance of lobbying, get the facts, meet with officials, and join a trade association.



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