Vaccine Implementation In The Workplace


Hello everyone, my name is Emily Rangel, and I am a student at California State University Monterey Bay CSUMB. I am currently going into my senior year and working as an NPC intern through my field training program in Collaborative Human and Health Services.

In the article “Vaccine Mandates are Legal and Effective, and it’s Time for Nonprofits and Foundations to Implement Them.” By Vu, the topic of vaccine implementation is brought up in the nonprofit world. Read the full article HERE, and get a chance to look at Vu’s reasonings. I for one, read this article and agreed that proof of vaccination should be required in the workplace, especially for jobs where there is human interaction, to keep both employees and those seeking assistance safe and healthy. I am back at school, where we were required to show proof of vaccination to attend in-person lessons.

As Vu mentioned, required vaccination is not a new idea. I can remember before attending grade schooling having to have proof of all my vaccinations to attend and interact with the other children. Additionally, California has one of the highest populations of people vaccinated and we have now become one of the states with the lowest percentage of COVID cases. I use this example to reveal the ideology behind the requirement of vaccination. Getting vaccinated is beyond one own health. While yes, one will protect themselves, they also protect those who cannot be vaccinated, such as small children or those with medical conditions. As stated by Vu, “As a community, we owe it to ourselves to protect our clients’ and one another’s health and well-being to the extent we are each able. To do that, we must take action, including requiring vaccines among those who can be vaccinated.” (Le 2021)


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