Talking Through Differences: The Israel-Hamas War Is Tearing Nonprofits Apart. But Some Are Bridging Staff Divides

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This issue is rising in many of our public spaces – how is your nonprofit responding?

“Many nonprofit leaders will not speak publicly — or to staff — about the war for fear of reprisal or institutional meltdown. But some are learning how to navigate employee disagreements.

Talking Through Differences

  1. Know Your Staff: Understand the issues employees care most about — and their points of disagreement.
  2. Acknowledge Pain: Name those most affected by the violence — Palestinians and Israelis — and acknowledge staff’s connections to their pain.
  3. Bring in Help: An outside facilitator can help guide staff through difficult conversations, without fear of retribution from a supervisor.
  4. Use Active Listening: Listen to understand what someone is saying, not just to respond.
  5. Start with Storytelling: Encourage staff to focus on their personal experiences, not slogans or statistics.
  6. Be Authentic: Staff will forgive you for your mistakes if you’re authentic and consistent in how you practice your values.

National Week of Conversation is April 15 – 21, 2024!

What is National Week of Conversation? National Week of Conversation was created for those exhausted by the division and hatred in our country. For those seeking ways to turn down the heat of polarization, it is a week to become inspired, equipped and engaged in activities that build bridges across differences.

Through the Signature Experiences and other events our partners are offering during National Week of Conversation, we invite all Americans to bring their passions and differences to the table so we can find a way forward together.”

Read the article by Sara Herschander, a breaking news reporter for the Chronicle of Philanthropy and informaton about the National Week of Conversation.



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