Nonprofit professionals, we need to be louder and more vocal, and possibly more obnoxious


Article Posted on August 28, 2023 by Vu Le

(I’ve never been accused of being modest or humble, especially about the important work we do! ~ Rose Filicetti)

“Point is, nonprofit colleagues, it’s time we stop being so modest and humble all the time. The work we do is vital. We tackle systemic inequity, filling in gaps left behind by government. Society would collapse without us. I don’t want anyone to say or think we’re “begging” ever. And enough with this constant one-way gratitude toward people with money. We should expect the same amount of gratitude back from society!

It’ll be good if nonprofit professionals were just a bit louder and in people’s faces more often. Speak up more. Write more op-eds. Demand to meet with elected officials. Call radio stations. Attend business or government conferences and make a ruckus. And advocate for more shows about our amazing, critical work! Maybe a little bit less modesty and a bit more arrogance would be good for our work.” Read more.


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