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Hello, I’m Teresa Holman, a California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) student.  I am in my senior year, interning for Nonprofit Connection Santa Cruz County (NPCSCC) through my field training program in Collaborative Health and Human Services. 




A total of eight Cal Nonprofits supported bills are finally law. These bills provide protection for online donors and for the nonprofits receiving the funds.  See the Original Article: Governor Newsom signed eight CalNonprofits-supported bills into law, including one that makes online fundraising safer and more reliable for nonprofits and donors.

Assembly Bill (AB) No. 488 (one of the eight recent bills passed) shares, starting January 1, 2023, fundraising platforms must be registered with the Attorney Generals’ Office and supervised. Fundraising platforms can no longer hide fees, nor can they use nonprofit names without permission to raise funds. The funds will need to be accounted for and used in a timely manner. 

The goal here folks is to simultaneously build trust and step up online giving.

This Assembly bill took a long time to pass because CalNonprofits would not support any of the previous versions. After the much-needed improvements were made to the bill language, CalNonprofits agreed and gave its approval along with support from their stakeholders and supporters.


The following information shared is from the CalNonprofit website: 

The remaining seven bills signed into law protect nonprofit employees, increased funding opportunities, expand civic engagement and voter rights, and strengthen broadband access:

AB 37 and AB 796 extend vote-by-mail to all elections in California (AB 37) and strengthen our Motor Voter Program that registers voters through the Department of Motor Vehicles (AB 796).

AB 424 protects student loan borrowers with private loans — including those borrowers who work for nonprofits — from frivolous lawsuits by loan servicers.

AB 900 reduces the possibility of self-dealing by trustees of charitable trusts by requiring them to give notice to the AG when they want to sell or transfer all or most of a trust’s assets. 

AB 1267 allows alcohol beverage manufacturers to give to nonprofits a portion of proceeds from their fundraising efforts through sales of alcoholic beverages. Now through 2024 nonprofits can work with alcohol beverage manufacturers to fundraise if those efforts do not encourage alcohol consumption.

AB 118 creates the Community Response Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems Act grant pilot program to provide grants to community-based organizations to engage in emergency response activities that do not require a law enforcement officer.

SB 28 requires the state’s Public Utilities Commission to collect data on the locations broadband franchise holders are servicing and to hear customer grievances against franchise holders.


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