Fundraisers are in unchartered waters.

During the maelstrom of the pandemic years, individuals, foundations, and corporations dug deep to meet the needs of the public-health emergency, but fundraisers are unsure how much of that support they can still count on. With an uncertain economic outlook, they worry more donors may stop giving.

As fundraisers scan the horizon, there are both rays of light and dark clouds. Unemployment is low and gross domestic product is up — clear signs of economic health. But inflation and interest-rate hikes are holding back consumer spending, and many Americans feel the economy is in poor shape.

Put it all together and fundraisers don’t know what to expect.

The Chronicle commissioned an exclusive new survey of 1,000 fundraisers to try to make sense of what’s going on. The results reveal a complicated and at times contradictory picture of fundraising in 2023. The survey uncovered striking successes and notable apprehension as development professionals grapple with inflation, staffing issues, and donors’ worries about the economy. Read more.