Board Horror Stories: How to Reduce Board Resignations


by Anonymous, Blue Avocado on September 12, 2023

When nonprofit board members feel dissatisfied, they often resign. They’re less likely to do that when there is communication about common objectives. There’s less wasted time and resources when expectations are met.

Is your nonprofit doing enough to create a healthy board experience?

After these incidents, I began to consider the importance of curating board experience. After all, a dissatisfied board member holding a board seat can be worse than a vacant board seat: They take up space and can be disruptive to healthy board activity.

But board member dissatisfaction can have many causes, from the shift in organizational objectives of the first story to the unclear performance expectations of the second anecdote. Both of these represent a kind of bait-and-switch that leaves both board members and nonprofit employees frustrated. Which leads us to the question: How can nonprofits curate a healthy board experience? Read More.


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