A Call for Collaboration and Action: Towards an Inclusive Economy in the Monterey Bay Region


By Monterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP)

Economic growth can’t be measured by Gross Domestic Product alone: Rather, it must be weighed against the distribution of that output and its impact on the community, says Dr. Chris Benner, director of the Institute for Social Transformation & the Everett Program for Technology and Social Change at UC Santa Cruz. Delving into a new report that sheds light on the economic landscape of the Monterey Bay region, Dr. Benner argued that sustainable growth and long-term decision-making should be at the forefront of economic discussions. Building an Inclusive Economy in the Monterey Bay Region: A Progress Report” was commissioned by MBEP and prepared by the UCSC Institute for Social Transformation. (Read the press release)

Significant economic challenges facing the Monterey Bay region include disparities in education, income inequality, and issues related to housing affordability, said the prominent economist and researcher.

Watch Dr. Benner’s presentation, “Towards an Inclusive Economy in the Monterey Bay Region.” Read the full report here


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