HorseSense Education andAdvocacy NP

HorseSense Education andAdvocacy NP

Healing Horses and Helping Humans

What we do

First, we rehabilitate horses. Then, we build connection and partnership between horse and rider through step-by-step education. The goal of these comprehensive interactions with horses is to empower and enrich lives. Outcomes include improved self-esteem, self-confidence, leadership skills, emotional regulation, communication skills, and empathy, patience and mindfulness. We believe that no matter your background or age, there is always room to grow, and something new to learn. We offer a safe, enjoyable, experience to tap into these opportunities in a supportive and educational environment. Additional benefits of equine interactions include: · Spiritual Well-Being through Connection to Nature - nature’s impact on the human spirit, to unplug and be present, is restorative, healing, and fosters deep meaningful connection in people · Physical Health Benefits - improved strength, flexibility, building core strength; improvers circulation · Mental Health Benefits- interpersonal interactions, relationships, quality of life, mindfulness · Reduce Stress- deeper breathing, relaxed state of mind, connection with self and extraordinary being. · Improve Brain Function - improves balance coordination, stimulates new neural pathways · Feelings of Relaxation - better breathing, better immune system, helps inflammation, improves digestion, increases brain function and ability to cope.

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  • Child Youth Services
  • Education
  • Veteran Military

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