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Domestic Violence Advocacy Certification – Spring 2022

April 6 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm PDT
Zoom Free

Twice a year, starting in April and October, Walnut Avenue offers the certification training required by California law to provide direct service to survivors of domestic violence through our 24-hour hotline and some of our other services.

Info Night is an informational meeting with a Q&A to provide the information people need to decide if this opportunity is what they’re looking for. It is a prerequisite for all potential trainees. This event is not the training itself.

Attending Info Night does not obligate anyone to participate in the training. If the presentation and Q&A provides enough information for you to decide that this isn’t the right fit for you, there are no fees, paperwork, or any other obligations!

People of all genders who are 18+ are encouraged to participate!


This intensive discusses:

  • The definition, manifestations, and dynamics of domestic violence
  • The personal, interpersonal, social, cultural, and political barriers facing survivors of domestic violence
  • How and why people choose to cause harm
  • The impact of domestic violence on children and youth
  • How culture, society, and communities shape gender violence
  • Crisis intervention and peer support skills
  • California family law restraining orders
  • Alternatives to policing
  • Peer counseling skills and crisis intervention

The training is fully virtual and happens across 7 days (four consecutive Fridays and three consecutive Saturdays) from 9am-5pm. Attendance for all 7 days is required to satisfy California state standards for certification.

For a more complete breakdown of the requirements and expectations regarding the certification training and our volunteer advocates, please visit our website at wafwc.org/internships. The dates of the training itself can be found here.


This training is designed to prepare people of all genders over age 18 to provide crisis intervention, domestic violence education, and safety-planning support over our 24-hour hotline, located in Santa Cruz, California.

We have opened up the training to include people who do not intend to volunteer with us, but the training is still focused on preparing our advocates for hotline advocacy. Students who aren’t volunteering must still attend all 7 days to be certified.


This class goes into detail around the nature, manifestations, and consequences of abuse from family members, romantic partners, and sexual partners, as well as many other areas of trauma that often overlap: child abuse, elder abuse, human trafficking, sexual assault, mental illness, substance use, etc. We also discuss the ways in which kyriarchy in the United States (racism, ableism, ageism, misogyny, transphobia, and other forms of violence) influences domestic violence.

We do our best to present this information in a pragmatic, evidence-based way without undermining the seriousness or reality of these impacts on survivors.

We offer this training twice a year. If you feel that it would be better for you to wait for a later round of the training, you are always welcome to join us at a time when you have the personal resources to do so in the ways that are safest for you.


This training is now free for all!

April 6
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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